Meet BEEamicable:

     First, let’s talk about sexual harassment. Its decades-long existence has left a path of social destruction on the human story. 

     For years, “tsk, tsk, tsk” combined with the proverbial disapproving shake of the head has been the usual response to sexual harassment. For decades more, “boys will be boys” along with a head nod was the explanation for subjecting victims to unimaginable levels of traumatic and unwanted sexual violations everywhere, including the workplace.

     In 1991, the Nation’s spotlight was focused on Anita Hill. Her sexual harassment allegations against Supreme Court candidate Clarence Thomas left America twitching while tuning in to every detail which became soap-opera-like television. However, after the United States Supreme Court added Clarence Thomas’ name to its membership, sexual harassment was again tucked away. We were back to “tsk, tsk, tsk.”

     In comes 2017. America was hit with a double whammy of Bill Cosby and the undeniably more explosive Harvey Weinstein allegations. The ripple effect that followed has been mind-blowing. Women and men across the Nation and around the globe, in a unifying movement, have raised their hands and voices in sharing their #MeToo stories.

     Even though the vast majority of those accused of sexual harassment have been men, there have been accounts of women harassers as well.

     At last, we are witnessing sexual harassers having to face their actions. The names, lives and careers of powerful people across many industries are being ripped apart as victims have found the courage to speak out… Matt Lauer, Roy Moore, Al Franken, Russell Simmons, Andrea Ramsey, Mario Batali, and so many more, have been added to the list of people behaving badly. These harassers were counting on their victims doing as they have always always done; say nothing.

That stops now.
Meet BEEamicable; finally the tool we’ve been waiting for to help fight against sexual harassment.

     BEEamicable empowers you to do more than share your story with others. It provides you the tools to address sexual harassment, while it gives you a voice to your courage so you can at last stand up and be heard.                           

     In response to the #MeToo campaign, BEEamicable provides victims the opportunity to address the harasser and to document the communication with a date and time stamp. It empowers anyone who has endured the damaging effects of sexual harassment to speak up and have their voices heard.

     With BEEamicable, yes, you can share your story about the harassment. And you can also address the harasser directly with what they did and said.

     Use your voice to finally say:  Sexual harassment is unacceptable behavior.
          It is not flattering.
          It is damaging.
          It must stop.
          It is not welcome here.

     Businesses are also encouraged to adopt BEEamicable as a deterrent to sexual harassment in their workplace. By doing so, they are reassuring their employees that they care and are promoting a safe work environment, and they will enforce a zero tolerance policy on sexual harassment.

     With its presence at the workplace, it sends a strong message to the harasser: “These premises are protected by BEEamicable, so don’t even think about it.”

Protect yourself; Get BEEamicable.
Protect your employees; Get BEEamicable.

     We can all help change the narrative when it comes to sexual harassment. Let’s keep the #MeToo list from growing.

#MeToo: One hashtag, two words… it is highlighting the problem.
BEEamicable: Beyond the hashtag, two words… it is highlighting the solution.